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23 Sesame Street
Richmond, VA 23235
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VPM Productions

Our VPM Productions’ Studio A is available for rent!

You have a client to impress? Our VPM staff and VPM space will make sure your client feels special, because our job is to make you shine in front of them.

Do you need a space which screams studio production?

Our VPM Productions’ Studio A is huge! 5,400 square feet! Bring your crews, gear and talent to create a production!

What makes VPM Productions’ Studio A unique? It is an interior 4-wall studio with vehicle access.

Need a seamless, hard cyc? We have a chromakey green 21.5 x 21.5 x 16,

Running audio tracks? No need to stop production while waiting for the delivery truck or traffic noise to lessen.

VPM Productions Studio A is nestled in area where there is no city traffic or loud noises.

Need to take a break from production? Our VPM Atrium is a great space to enjoy for any meal where crew and talent can relax between takes.

Parking an issue? Not here. VPM Productions has easy access parking for crews, straight trucks and semi-trailers.

Have to use a dolly to track a shot? No need to worry about floor issues, VPM Productions’ Studio A has a seamless floor.

Air-conditioning a concern with productions? VPM Productions’ Studio A has chillers - cooling is inaudible.

Need a professional stream? VPM Productions’ niche is going “Live” for social media or broadcast. (VPM Productions has various flats and pop-up sets for Satellite Media Tours and Webinars.)

Smaller footprint? VPM Productions’ Studio B is right across the hall coming in at 1,925 square feet.


Don’t have a crew? VPM Productions has seasoned Directors, Producers, Gaffers, Audio Engineers, Camera Operators, Editors, Graphic Artists, Floor Managers and Engineers.

Unsure how to make your idea into a video reality? No worries. VPM Productions can produce videos for you which tell your company’s story enabling your video message to stand out from competitors. Any video can be converted to multiple formats or files.

From script to screen, VPM Productions will help you with your project by producing a vibrant and effective video marketing tool which delivers your message directly to the intended audience via the Web, mobile, social media, presentations, in-store promotions, and of course–television.

Call or email Gwynne Brown 804-938-5582 or gbrown@vpm.org today!

Anyone in production, shooting in a studio, knows that you always want the most problem-free environment because problems cut into your time, and that cuts into your budget. [VPM] has created a wonderful environment for shooting with their Studio-A. An extra high roll-top door to the contiguous storage area, can accommodate the largest truck, and let you unload out of the weather. Large double elephant doors lead you to the stage, with one of the smoothest floors you’ll find. In Richmond, Virginia, the stage is unmatched for its sound profile - extremely quiet. Call Gwynne Brown and have a look for yourself.
— Charles Tinsley Tinsley Film & Video, Inc

Videos Courtesy of Variable/National Geographic

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