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A Way of Thinking


A Way of Thinking

Rachel Ciehoski

  The People of Virginia Home Grown

 By: Rachel Ciehoski

        “Nature is the master gardener, the rest of us are permanent students.” The first thing I heard Virginia Home Grown guest, Pat Ruggiero say. She said this with such wisdom and truth, like she’s never said anything more meaningful in her life. As an intern for merely two weeks, I found that my judgement of television has been inaccurate. To never truly believe what someone says because they are more than likely just trying to sell me something. Well I recently went on-location with the crew of [VPM] for the show Virginia Home Grown. I saw how the director, Shawn Fruede works, I learned how long B-roll takes to get all the necessary shots, and I saw how many camera angles it takes to get the most aesthetically pleasing shot. Not only did I learn about production but I learned that there are genuine people on television who just want to share what they believe in. Just by watching Pat Ruggiero speak about her years of experience, I learned such a small but significant lesson.

            She was showcasing her beautiful garden and gave all the credit to nature itself. She’s spent years and countless hours working in her yard, but her humility never failed to impress me as I watched her engage in her passion. “Gardening is a way of thinking,” she said. Well I, myself am no gardener, but I find this quote to be relatable to almost anything. To anything you have a passion for, life is a way of thinking. She answered her interview questions as if she was replying to a grandson or granddaughter. There was no fake presence or persona. She answered in full detail why she has chosen, for years, to no-till garden because it doesn’t harm the soil. She mentioned the creatures in the soil and how special they are to the Earth. What a humbling experience for me to join the crew on-location in Wilmington, VA for a Virginia Home Grown shoot. I now have faith in authenticity behind the television screen.