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Virginia Production Alliance


Virginia Production Alliance

Rachel Ciehoski

                                  Why you should join the VPA.

                                         By: Rachel Ciehoski 

    As a student member of the Virginia Production Alliance for the past two months, I highly recommend joining and attending the monthly meetings held at [VPM] on 23 Sesame Street, RVA. Not only do you have an opportunity to network with industry professionals; but every meeting they have 2-3 special guests who come and speak about their specific job in the digital media world. From talent agents, location managers, directors and producers, I have noticed the topics discussed are always engaging and educational.  And even though I might not ever be a location scout, a producer or a gaffer, I learned a lot about these positions which affect all types of productions.
    Joining the VPA  you are part of a 400 plus member strong volunteer organization.  As a member, you have can setup your own profile on the VPA website, (http://virginiaproductionalliance.org), and signup to send and receive notifications about upcoming industry jobs.  Also, you can receive a VPA newsletter which informs the production community of all types of events:  film contests/festivals for attending or submitting your own work. 
    The VPA is all inclusive welcoming those both in-front of and behind the camera.  It is comprised of every level of someone’s career in production - i.e.,  those breaking into the industry as a Producer’s Assistant or Production Assistant as well as seasoned professionals who work daily as directors and producers. 
This is where the magic happens. 
Having the opportunity of meeting not only peers in the production industry; but also, networking with a wide variety of talent could possibly lead to a connection which would turn into a job opportunity!
    Just last week, I was contacted by a member of the VPA to fill in for her at a production shoot in Richmond as a PA. It was a great experience and I’ve been looking to PA for a while now! The opportunities are endless when making good connections.
    To become a member of the VPA visit the website, linked above, it costs $50 annually for access to general meetings; but, if you are a student it only costs $15! 
Join today and start networking! 

For full disclosure:  I am currently interning under the current VPA President, Gwynne Brown. The above entry is based on my own personal experience.