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Lombardi Time

Rachel Ciehoski

     The importance of arriving on time for a crew call … or before.
                                    By: Rachel Ciehoski

As an intern, I don’t know this from experience; but, I do know of people who have lost their jobs from arriving late to work. In the video production world, if you miss a shoot, an interview, a recording, a producer’s meeting, you will be wasting the time of multiple groups of people. Medium platforms such as TV or radio have very little forgiveness to them because everything is centered around time. Missing even two minutes of time could be devastating to a production.  In TV this could represent thousands of dollars in advertising revenue. Don’t be that person that ruins the whole production because you were sleeping or not paying attention to the clock or knowing how long it gets to a location and consider traffic and other factors. Of course, life happens, and in cases of emergencies or sickness make sure to call in immediately so your manager can get a replacement.   
If you don’t know what Lombardi time is… it means to arrive 15 minutes prior to the expected time of your arrival. Vince Lombardi expected all his players and coaches to arrive 15 minutes before when you were expected. If you weren’t there 15 minutes before, he considered you to be LATE. Everyday attempt to follow Lombardi time no matter if you are arriving for a production session or meeting someone. This way if you are a few minutes late, then you will still be considered early. 
My internship supervisor, Gwynne Brown, told me on the first day of my internship, “The 1st pearl of wisdom is to never be late.”  When you are meeting with a prospective client, location manager, talent or production team it is critical to be on time. This pearl can be tough to follow strictly because things do happen no matter how hard you prepare ( i.e. setting 7 alarm clock times). Here are a few things which may be of help should you be on crew for an early call. 
•    Make sure to get enough sleep. Your body will more likely want to ignore your alarm clocks if you’ve only had four hours of sleep (trust me on that one).  
•    Create a sleeping schedule for yourself, record the times you fall asleep and the times you wake up. If you see a pattern of waking up late then change the time you fall asleep at. 
•    Log your hours as if they are your time card for work. It’s important to schedule your sleep just like any other part of the day. 
This blog post is essentially a personal journal to myself, so that I recognize the importance of being early and on TIME.